2020 Coyote Rock Ranch Scholarship Recipients Announced
Chosen from nearly 40 exceptional applicants, three distinguished veterinary students aspiring toward careers in equine medicine have been selected to receive $75,000 Coyote Rock Ranch Veterinary Scholarships. The scholarships will be awarded during the American Association of Equine Practitioners’ (AAEP) 66th Annual Convention, taking place virtually in December.

The scholarship recipients, each of whom share a passion for performance horse medicine, are:

  • Chelsea Folmar, Texas A&M University
  • Kimberly Hildreth Martin, University of Pennsylvania
  • Lindsay Seewald, Cornell University

“This scholarship allows me the freedom to pursue an equine internship and then residency in large animal internal medicine,” said Folmar, a first-generation college graduate. “This path can be more financially challenging, and this scholarship gives me the ability to hone my research potential, technical skills, and communication abilities.”

Martin, whose clinical interests include surgery, sports medicine, and diagnostic imaging, said the award will advance her goal of entering specialty practice. “This generous scholarship will provide a great deal of relief on student loan debt,” said Martin. “I plan on pursuing a residency following my internship after veterinary school and having a running start on paying back loans will allow reduced financial stress, ability to focus directly on my preliminary veterinary career, and more flexibility to pursue specialty training.”

Seewald said the award allows her to focus on her goal of becoming an equine orthopedic surgeon. “This scholarship has made a huge impact in terms of reducing my student loan debt, which gives me the financial flexibility to pursue a career based on my interests,” she said. “For me, that means completing an equine internship next year, hopefully followed by a large animal surgical residency. In addition, it means so much to know that the equine veterinary community is supportive of the next generation of equine veterinarians.”

Penelope Knight created the Coyote Rock Ranch Veterinary Scholarship in 2015. Since the first scholarships were awarded five years ago, 16 AAEP student members have benefited from a cumulative $1.275 million in assistance.

“With the help of The Foundation for the Horse, I am pleased to offer this great opportunity to benefit our next generation of veterinarians,” said Knight, who owns the Central Oregon ranch, which specializes in breeding high-end cutting horses. “Helping future veterinarians is one way I am able to support research and advancements of care for the horse in an industry that is dear to my heart.”

Please note that a picture of each scholarship recipient is available upon request.