Stall-side, reference-lab quality tests are now available for equine progesterone and foal IgG. Simple, cost-effective, and accurate tests by TargetVet produce numerical results in 10 minutes. The tests are easy to perform anywhere and by anyone, giving horse owners and staff peace of mind. TargetVet tests can be purchased directly from, increasing budget and testing flexibility.

The point-of-care progesterone test, Quick P4, helps owners and veterinarians monitor exact progesterone levels to better time breeding, plus save on Regu-Mate expenses. TargetVet Quick P4 stall-side progesterone results are comparable on paired samples tested at Cornell University Animal Health Diagnostic Center and BET Labs (in-house data).

Measuring newborn foal IgG levels to evaluate passive antibody transfer is critical for foal health and is very time-sensitive. Quickly and accurately determine if supplemental colostrum or additional support is needed by using the Immuno-Chek-G test from TargetVet. Both standalone visual, semi-quantitative kits and fully quantitative kits with number results from a Cube reader are available.

TargetVet tests utilize lateral flow technology and specific antibodies for accurate detection. Quantitative results are available using a compact RFID reader that uses a stored standard curve corresponding to the test lot number to accurately determine numerical results. This reader, called the Cube Reader, fits in your palm or pocket and can be used for all of the TargetVet tests.

Tests last 2-3 years and are available in 5- or 10-test kits, easily fitting into breeding programs of any size. The tests are stored at room temperature, improving testing flexibility and saving refrigerator space. Breeding managers, horse owners, and veterinarians can purchase these tests directly from

For more information on TargetVet and to learn more about their cutting-edge tests, please visit them online at or email them directly at