Texas authorities are hoping the public can help them identify the owner of an injured mare found abandoned in Parker County.

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Parker County Sheriff’s Office Animal Control Supervisor Karen Kessler said personnel discovered the abandoned and injured mare wandering a well site on Feb. 20. The approximately 10- or 11-year-old Paint mare with no identifying brands or tattoos had a shattered right hind leg that had been broken for at least a month along with open and seriously infected wounds, she said.

After a veterinary examination, the mare was euthanized due to the severity of her injuries, Kessler said.

Parker County Sheriff Larry Fowler said the mare was found on a site that contained a cattle guard and a gate to the property had been cut.

“Due to the extensive nature of the mare’s injuries, there was no possible way she could have wandered passed a cattle guard and a locked gate,” Kessler said.

Investigators believe the mare was purposely dumped on the property, despite the fact she appeared well-cared-for.

“The mare had been very well-groomed,” Kessler said. “Her body condition showed she was taken care of by someone, and she had been shod within the last two months.”

In addition, two topical medications had been applied to the horse’s wounds, she said.

Investigators believe the mare could belong to an owner in nearby Tarrant County, Kessler said.

Local farriers and veterinarians have been contacted in an attempt to identify the animal. As the case continues, anyone with information about the mare should contact the Parker County Sheriff’s Communications Center at 817/594-3213.