The Equine Land Conservation Resource (ELCR) has announced that it will be conducting a national survey of local organizations working on equine advocacy and land related issues in partnership with the University of Kentucky’s Community and Economic Development Initiative of Kentucky, as part of its three-year strategic plan. The strategic plan is available at

The comprehensive survey will reveal important information about survey respondents such as mission, existing partnerships, historical activities, model organizations, best practices, successes and failures, as well as common issues and challenges shared among respondents.

“Recognizing that conservation is a local issue, we couldn’t be more excited about the national survey,” said ELCR Executive Director Holley Groshek. “We know there are many outstanding local efforts across the country with regard to equine advocacy and the conservation and protection of horse lands. We look forward to identifying these success stories and best practices to share within our national network while developing a better understanding of how ELCR can best use its resources to support local equine advocacy and land conservation efforts.”

The ELCR will also utilize the results of the survey to inform and fine-tune its educational programing and resources and technical assistance services in order to better support local advocacy and conservation efforts.