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The American Horse Council was organized in 1969 to represent the horse industry in Washington before Congress and the federal regulatory agencies. It is a nonprofit corporation that represents all segments of the equine industry.

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equine microchip look-up; Tracing Equine Microchips; equine microchip look-up tool

AHC Launches Equine Microchip Look-Up Website

The new equine microchip look-up tool will allow horse owners, law enforcement, animal health officials, and others to search for association affiliation for horses that have been microchipped and registered with a participating organization.

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equine microchip look-up; Tracing Equine Microchips; equine microchip look-up tool

AHC Developing Universal Equine Microchip Look-Up Tool

The universal microchip look-up tool would provide a single source where the public and various organizations and emergency response teams could find a horse’s identity or the registry with which the animal’s microchip number is associated.

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Attendees Capitalize at AHC Issues Forum

Attendees gained insight on how the horse industry can learn from other industries, utilize data that has been collected, and capitalize on opportunities to grow and expand equine interests.

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meet a horse; AHC, ahc economic impact; ashley furst

AHC Announces Safe Sport Code of Practice

“The #MeToo and #TimesUp movements have further brought to light the importance of maintaining a safe environment for all, and the equine industry is no exception to this,” said AHC President Julie Broadway.

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Truck pulling horse trailer

Feds Announce New ELD Waiver

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration announced additional steps to address the unique needs of the country’s agriculture industries, including the horse industry.

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