universal microchip look-up tool

The American Horse Council (AHC) is hoping to develop a universal equine microchip look-up tool.

A universal microchip look-up tool would provide a single source where the general public and various organizations and emergency response teams could find a horse’s identity or the registry with which the animal’s microchip number is associated.

“Technology and public opinion have finally aligned to allow microchipping to become an efficient aid when identifying horses,” said AHC President Julie Broadway. “Microchips are a safe and effective form of identity for sale, competition, or emergency response. We hope that by simplifying the method with which the public can verify a horse’s identity, we can incentivize the country to look into microchipping their horses.”

The AHC has partnered with The Jockey Club Technology Services to build the look-up tool and is inviting all registries that collect and store equine microchip data to collaborate. This effort’s success will depend on its universality with all equine organizations, the AHC said.

Broadway said a grant from the ASPCA is making the universal equine microchip look-up tool possible.

“The creation of the equine microchip look-up tool is a vital step to reaching the ASPCA’s goal of ensuring all equines have good welfare,” said Emily Weiss, PhD, vice president of ASPCA Equine Welfare. “The tool will not only help reunite horses with their owners during natural disasters, but it will also help to facilitate the growth of safety net programs where individuals who have owned, cared for or admired a horse can sign up to help that horse should he ever become at risk.”

The timeline for launch is fourth quarter 2018. Additional details will follow.

For additional information or questions, please contact Cliff Williamson, AHC director of health and regulatory affairs at cwilliamson@horsecouncil.org or Broadway at jbroadway@horsecouncil.org.