Angela Pelzel-McCluskey, DVM

Angela Pelzel-McCluskey, DVM, is the equine epidemiologist for the USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) Veterinary Services. She is based in Fort Collins, Colorado. Pelzel-McCluskey obtained her veterinary degree in 2001 from Texas A&M University, in College Station. She worked in equine private practice in both Texas and Colorado and has served as an epidemiologist with state and federal animal health agencies since 2004. Pelzel-McCluskey currently oversees the federal response to reportable equine disease outbreaks nationwide and has been the lead epidemiologist for more than 25 state, regional, and national disease outbreak responses during her combined state and federal service.

Articles by: Angela Pelzel-McCluskey, DVM

Vesicular stomatitis lesions

The Return of Vesicular Stomatitis in Horses

Horse owners in the southwestern and western U.S. should be aware of the current VS outbreak situation and implement aggressive vector mitigation and biosecurity strategies to protect their horses.

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What is EIA in Horses?

Dr. Angela Pelzel-McCluskey gives an overview of equine infectious anemia, a deadly disease in horses, and explains why it’s important to prevent its spread.

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Vesicular Stomatitis Foot Lesions

Vesicular stomatitis is known for causing severe mouth blisters, but did you know it can cause foot lesions as well? The USDA’s Dr. Angela Pelzel-McClusky explains.

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Colorado VS: Positive Diagnoses in 17 Counties

How Can I Tell if My Horse Has Vesicular Stomatitis?

Vesicular Stomatitis causes mouth blisters, coronet band lesions lameness, and more. Learn about this insect-spread disease’s clinical signs from Dr. Angela Pelzel-McClusky, who serves as the USDA’s national equine epidemiologist.

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