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D.J. Carey Lyons

D.J. Carey Lyons is a lifelong resident of Chester County, Pa. She also has written for USDF Connection, Practical Horseman, Equine Images, and Dressage & CT.

Articles by D.J. Carey Lyons

Help Your Horse Beat the Heat

As tough as steamy summers can be on humans, they can be even harder on horses. Two veterinarians share tips on how to help your horse beat the heat this summer.

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Biosecurity on the Road

At home, your horse lives in an environment that you or barn staff strive to keep “biosecure,” or well-defended against infectious disease. But when you and your horse head off property, you’re taking him out of that controlled environment and exposing him to unfamiliar horses and possibly illness. Here, we discuss ways to protect your horse from infectious disease when traveling

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