David Preston

David Preston, president of Preston Construction Group, specializes in unique commercial and equine projects. A horse owner and sportsman, he has built and remodeled several barns in Kentucky and Illinois ranging from development of complete Thoroughbred farms to small horse barns.

Articles by: David Preston

Farm Fresh

How to Create a Well-Ventilated Horse Barn

If you house your horses in a barn, keeping it well-ventilated is an essential part of their care. Download this free report to learn how you can take simple steps to improve the ventilation in an existing barn and give your horse the fresh air he needs.

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Farm & Barn: What's On Your Barn Wish List?

What’s on Your Horse Barn Wish List?

If economics were not a factor, what would you include in your dream horse barn? Here are some amenities owners have put on their barn wish lists, plus input from a horse owner with experience in both commercial and equine construction industries.

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Understanding Atypical Myopathy

Manage Summer Pastures

Assess your geographic region, plant species, soil, and plant stand to help ­maintain your pastures’ (and your horses’) health.

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horse barn aisle

Winter Barn Ventilation

Barn ventilation is essential for the health and safety of your horses and the maintenance of your barn. A little effort up front can prevent expensive and disappointing problems later.

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Barn Design Tips: A Place to Call Home

Placement of the barn in a convenient, well-drained location, close or adjacent to turnout areas should be your primary consideration. Access for hay, feed, or bedding delivery vehicles is important. Try to put the structure downwind from the house,

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Stall Stuff

The care of horse stalls is an inherently messy part of horse management. There are a variety of opinions on how to cope with this daily chore. Let’s face it: urine and manure reek. Additionally, an excess of these two elements creates unsafe and

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Living With Your Contractor

The scenario is everyone’s worst nightmare: Two men speaking a version of English you can’t understand roll in on the wrong day at the wrong time in a muddy, beat-up truck with an ancient backhoe leaking hydraulic fluid on

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Budget Barn Design

Quick Barn Fixes

You can create a functional, safe barn in an existing structure on your property with some practical,

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How Safe is Your Barn?

Barns can be elaborate statements about our love for our animals and our economic status. In terms of equine health and safety, the best solution is one that works, not necessarily the most impressive or expensive one. Often, spending more money on the barn does little or nothing to improve the contribution of the building to the health and safety of the occupants. In fact, less is

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