Janice L. Holland, PhD

Janice L. Holland, PhD, is an Associate Professor and Director of Equine Studies at Wilson College in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. A graduate of both Penn State and Virginia Tech, her equine interests include nutrition and behavior, as well as amateur photography. When not involved in horse activities she enjoys spending time outdoors enjoying nature.

Articles by: Janice L. Holland, PhD

feeding healthy hard keepers

Ribby Race Filly

How can an owner help a ribby but successful racehorse gain weight, and what might be behind the filly’s body condition? Our source shares some thoughts.

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Diseases That Affect Nutrient Delivery in Horses

Skinny Horse Help

Learn how to determine if your horse is underweight and what feeding options are available for hard keepers.

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Ulcers… For Life?

Ulcers can occur in horses of all disciplines and management situations, although horses in higher stress environments do appear to be more susceptible. There’s no cure-all for equine gastric ulcer syndrome, but proper management and prevention methods can help your horse remain ulcer-free.

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Bismuth to Treat

Equine Ulcers … For Life?

Some horses are more predisposed to getting gastric ulcers, due to management, performance, or temperament. With proper medical treatment and removal of predisposing factors, ulcers can be healed, and horses can remain ulcer-free.

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Analyzing Feed and Forage for Horses

Awareness of what your horse is eating can help you determine if his dietary needs are being met and, if not, what can be added to meet those needs. With respect to the nutritional needs of a horse, it is important to know the meaning of the chemical analysis on the feed and supplement labels and the chemical analysis results.

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Year-Round Pasture Management

Proper pasture management prevents erosion and nutrient loss from the soil, which also helps improve stream and water quality. In addition, pastures can provide an excellent “free-choice” exercise plan for horses. But the most important role pasture

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