Judith A. Reynolds, PhD, PAS

Judith A. Reynolds, PhD, PAS, is the lead Equine Nutritionist and Equine Product and Technical Manager for Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) Alliance Nutrition located in Quincy, Illinois. In 2010, Dr. Reynolds was appointed as a diplomat of the American College of Animal Nutrition, the highest honor in the animal nutrition profession. She has been involved in the horse industry since 1969 as a trainer, breeder, instructor, judge, and university professor. Her research has involved bone and mineral metabolism in growing and racing horses and the genetic disorder Hyperkalemic Periodic Paralysis in Quarter Horses. Dr. Reynolds writes for several equine publications and has been a frequent contributor to the Horseman's Radio Weekly program. She also provides the technical information for the ADM Alliance Nutrition Equine website, www.grostrong.com

Articles by: Judith A. Reynolds, PhD, PAS

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Although horses only need relatively small quantities of vitamins, the lack of those tiny amounts can be devastating to your horse’s health.

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