Les Sellnow

Les Sellnow was a prolific freelance writer based near Riverton, Wyoming. He specialized in articles on equine research, and operated a ranch where he raised horses and livestock. He authored several fiction and nonfiction books, including Understanding Equine Lameness and Understanding The Young Horse. He died in 2023.

Articles by: Les Sellnow

The Equine Digestive System: Food Factory

Understanding the equine digestive system can make your horse healthier and give you fewer worries about gastric upset. In this article, we’ll take a look at just how this “factory” is designed and how it functions.

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Reproductive Anatomy: Basics of Life

In this article on reproductive anatomy, we’ll take a look at the reproductive organs of both the mare and the stallion and discuss just how they function in their effort to produce another “miracle.”

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Anatomy and Physiology: Complete Series

Learn how your horse’s anatomy works with our complete anatomy and physiology guide, including basic terminology, skin, forelimbs, hindlimbs, feet/hooves, head and neck, tendons/ligaments, muscles, digestive, cardiovascular and reproductive systems.

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Problem Breeder Mare

What do veterinarians involved with reproduction have in common with the fictitious Sherlock Holmes? Both play the role of detective in solving mysteries. With Arthur Conan Doyle’s legendary character, the mystery generally involved identifying the p

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Enhancing Stallion Fertility

Science and good management are keys to keeping stallions at top breeding performance. 

Another equine breeding season is only a short time away, with many breeding sheds

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Good synovial health is essential for proper joint function.

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Freezing Embryos

With breed registries admitting more than one foal per mare per year, the use of frozen embryos is becoming more mainstream.

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State of the Industry

The changing dynamics of the horse industry in the United States can be likened to the ocean tides. At high tide there were somewhere between 25 and 27 million equines in this country. At low tide, that number dipped to under four million. Today,

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Well-Equipped Breeding

Tips on what you might need to equip your stallion breeding station, from microscopes to AVs

The lexicon of the breeding shed has changed

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