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Lisa Kemp

Articles by Lisa Kemp

Chicago Museum Next To Host ‘The Horse’ Exhibit

Chicagoans and guests to the Midwest can marvel over the history and development of our modern world courtesy of “The Horse,” an interactive exhibit at The Field Museum through Aug. 14. The exhibit allows visitors to view horses as much more than athletes, companions, or romantic memories of days gone by. Through dioramas, fossils, and cultural objects horses are present

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The Science Of Saddle Fit

A saddle can either encourage comfortable movement and clear communication between rider and horse, or it can result in discomfort and behavioral problems. Evaluating a saddle’s fit requires an understanding of saddle construction, the anatomy and dynamic movement of a horse, and the literal impact of the rider. If you haven’t evaluated your saddle’s fit recently, it could be time to do so.

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HERDA: Preventing The Heartbreak

Part 3: Robin Davison “did everything right” when she bought her registered Paint mare Quality Sensation (aka Penelope), including hiring a knowledgeable trainer as her guide and agent and scheduling a prepurchase exam. Penelope’s HERDA was undiagnosed then, but Davison says in hindsight there were signs that the mare had the skin disease, which can be so severe that euthanasia is required in

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