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Drought Burdens Texas Horse Rescues

Texas’ worst drought in 50 years has burnt up pasture and raised the price of hay, leaving horse rescues to cope with an increase in abandonment and neglect cases as owners struggle to feed their horses.

“The cost of hay is going up, if you can even find it,” said Jennifer Williams, PhD, president and executive director of Texas’ Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society.

Williams said the

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Horses Evacuated from British Columbia Fires

Most horses are now safe from forest fires that have been burning west of Kelowna, British Columbia, thanks to the efforts of the Kelowna SPCA, the B.C. Interior Horse Rescue, and the Canadian Disaster Animal Response Team.

The fires drove more than 11,000 people from their homes over the weekend, while several thousand more remain on evacuation alert.

“It’s a bit of a stand-down

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Abandoned Horse Recovering from Head Injury

An abandoned Thoroughbred gelding found near Mesa, Ariz., is recovering from injuries and regaining condition better than his foster owner expected.

Gwen Cleary has been caring for the horse, called Solo Vino, since he

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Equine Diet and Behavior Link Explored

The authors found horses fed more hay displayed generally quieter behavior, and fewer stereotypic behaviors (such as cribbing or weaving), compared to horses fed infrequent and large high-starch meals.

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Supporters Donate $14K for Abandoned Horse’s Care

The foster owner of a horse that was abandoned in Mesa, Ariz., says the outpouring of support for the gelding’s recovery has been “tremendous.”

The Thoroughbred, named Solo Vino by rescuers, was brought to Gwen Cleary’s farm on March 3, after her neighbors found the abandoned horse, who was emaciated and had a large open wound in his head. (

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‘Imposter’ Horse Identified in Missing Jumper Case

A horse that was purported to be missing Irish Sport Horse Good Guinness has been identified as a horse named Con Air. This horse was imported from Holland in 2004, according to New Jersey trainer Frank Madden, who received Con Air in place of

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Jumper Reported Missing After Cross-Country Haul

Grand Prix jumper Good Guinness has been reported missing after his California-based trainer, Patrick Seaton, shipped him to New York to try to sell him on the East Coast.

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Charges Filed in Canada Horse Abandonment Case

An Edmonton, Alberta, lawyer has been charged with three counts of animal cruelty after abandoning his two horses in the British Columbia wilderness last year.

On the recommendation of the British Columbia (B.C.) SPCA, Frank Mackay was

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Wagon Driver Injured, Horses Killed in Highway Crash

A man is in critical condition and two Percheron horses are dead after they were hit by an 18-wheel truck yesterday in Mississippi.

Bob Skelding, of Deerfield, N.H., was travelling across the United States in a homemade wagon drawn by his

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Guilty Verdicts in Montana Pack Horse Case

A father and son from Georgia were found guilty Jan. 30 of 21 counts of animal cruelty for overworking and neglecting four horses during a pack trip last summer through the mountains of Montana.

Ravalli County Justice Court Judge

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Managing Horses in Icy Conditions

Ice is an unavoidable part of winter in many parts of the world, but there are ways to minimize slipping incidents around the barn.

Heather Sherratt knows something about keeping horses in icy conditions. Her farm, Elphin Mountain

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Montana Pack Horse Case Heads to Court

Two men who allegedly overworked and starved four horses while on a mountain expedition through Montana’s Selway-Bitterroot area last summer go to trial tomorrow in Hamilton, Mont.

Craig Heydon of Atlanta, Ga., faces 10 animal cruelty

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