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Biosecurity in the Breeding Shed

Building a Horse Breeding Shed

When planning a horse breeding operation, consider how many mares and stallions you can handle, if you will offer live cover, artificial insemination, or both, and then determine your equipment and building needs from there (seeking expert advice).

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IFHA Applauds Jockey Club Medication Reform Efforts

Retraining Racehorses

Racing is a physically demanding sport, and even with the best intentions many racehorses end up with an injury that forces them into retirement from the track. And while some horses have serious enough injuries to warrant euthanasia or full pasture retirement, many horses, with proper treatment and time, can be rehabilitated and go on to second careers.

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Clydesdale Mare Successfully Foals Twins

First-time horse breeders Wilem and Tineka Vos, of Paris, Ontario, Canada, had to do a double-take when their Clydesdale mare gave birth just over two weeks ago. At about 5:30 a.m. on April 29, Wilem went out to the barn to see a filly on the ground and a colt in the process of being delivered by their mare, Bonnie.

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Amigo Returns Home After Tree Branch Impalement

A horse that was given only a 2% chance of survival four months ago, following a freak accident, was discharged from the University of Tennessee Equine Hospital April 18.

About 100 well-wishers were present to celebrate Amigo’s recovery. The 10-year-old Arabian endurance horse has been fighting for his life at the UT Equine Hospital since January after a 3-foot-long branch somehow pierced hi

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Few Horse Owners Involve Vet in Parasite Control

Vaccination and deworming are an integral part of horse health care routines, according to respondents of a recent survey, but only a fraction of owners consult their veterinarians when it comes to parasite control.

The findings are

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Unwanted Horses an Urgent Issue, Survey Says

What to do with unwanted horses is the most urgent issue facing the equine industry, according to responses from a recent survey.

The findings are part of the American Horse Publications nationwide online survey, conducted from Oct.

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Age a Predictor in Horse Ownership

A horse owner’s age is a major predictor in how involved they will be in the horse industry, according to a new survey.

The findings are part of the American Horse Publications online nationwide survey, conducted from Oct. 15, 20

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Horse Health Resources Vary by Age, Survey Shows

The way horse owners obtain equine health information has a lot do with their age, according to a recent survey.

The findings are part of the American Horse Publications online nationwide survey, conducted from Oct. 15, 2009, to Jan.

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Feed and Fuel Costs Rising, Horse Owners Report

The costs of keeping horses have risen for the majority of owners in the last three years, with those in the southeast and south central United States being the hardest hit by escalating feed and fuel prices.

The findings are part of

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Impaled Horse Nears Release from Hospital

A horse that has gained a worldwide following for his recovery from a freak accident could be cleared to go home by the week of April 5, according to his veterinarians at the University of Tennessee Equine Hospital.

Since January, Am

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Impaled Horse Continues Recovery

A horse that had a 3-foot-long tree branch pierce his side in January is still fighting infection in his chest and had another brush with death last week.

Amigo, a 10-year-old Arabian endurance horse, was almost euthanized last Tuesd

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Barn Improvement

As our understanding of horse health and behavior has improved, barns have changed–a lot. No longer are they just places to house horses. Today’s owners now approach barns and other farm structures with horse/human health, environmental impact…

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