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Multiple Authors

Articles by Multiple Authors

Endocrine-Related Laminitis: Know Your Foe

Laminitis is one of the most common diseases in horses, and it has many different causes. Find answers to listener questions on endocrine-related laminitis in horses with conditions such as PPID, equine metabolic syndrome, and insulin resistance. Sponsored by InsulinWise.

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How to Address an Old Racing Injury When Selling a Horse

How does a trainer explain a retired racehorse’s previous injury to a potential buyer? Two veterinarians and a three-day eventer weigh in.

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Fescue Toxicosis Research in Horses and Cattle

In this two-part presentation from the University of Kentucky, learn about “Research Into Managing Horses and Cattle on Fescue Pastures” from Dr. Jamie Mathews and “Grazing Mares on Novel Endophyte Fescue” from Dr. Karen McDowell.

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