Rebecca Gimenez Husted, PhD

Rebecca Gimenez Husted, BS, PhD, is the primary instructor and president of Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue. Her first book, Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue, was published in 2008. She is an internationally sought instructor in technical rescue techniques, procedures, and methodologies, and she has published numerous critiques, articles and journal submissions on horse safety, technical large animal rescue and horse handling issues.

Articles by: Rebecca Gimenez Husted, PhD

Taking A Dip in the Pool?

It is a common technical equine rescue for many communities–to find a horse trapped in a pool in someone’s backyard, and have to figure out

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Haiti Veterinary and Animal Outreach Update

Lloyd Brown deployed to Haiti as part of the Humane Society International (HSI) field assessment team. He reports on horse and companion animal health concerns following the earthquake. He was able to work with contacts in Dominican Republic to stage equipment, supplies, and a small team in preparation for going into Haiti. His mission: to do an “on the ground” assessment of the needs and issues i

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