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10 Equine Biosecurity Resources on

Horse owners are faced with the continuous daunting challenge of how to protect their charges from infectious disease. But things are about to get a little easier: We’ve combed our archives and compiled five biosecurity resources on

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On the Road? Shield Your Horse From Environmental Risks

Making a Disease Alert System a Reality

Similar to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for human diseases, the EDCC will serve as the official source of information about equine infectious diseases and provide real-time alerts when disease outbreaks such as the neurologic form of herpesvirus infection occur.

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Biosecurity Agreement

To educate participants and increase compliance with safe practices, show or event managers might want to include an agreement in a stall packet or in online show/event information, requiring a signature on a compliance agreement.

These are general biosecurity guidelines and each event/facility should tailor the agreement to their specific needs and circumstances.

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