Mare Fertility


Approach to Assisted Equine Reproduction

Rob Foss, DVM, of Equine Medical Services in Columbia, Mo., discusses equine reproductive technology, including oocyte transfer, embryo cryoperservation, in-vitro oocyte maturation, in-vitro fertilization, intracytoplasmic sperm injection, and more.

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Researchers Study Early Postpartum Breeding in Horses

10 Steps for Successful Live Cover

Live cover breeding of horses remains a popular choice. Whatever your reason for choosing this method, these 10 tips will be useful as you plan a mating. Attention to safety and behavior go a long way in making the experience positive and successful.

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Diagnosing Disorders of Sexual Development in Horses: Male or Female?

Fertility issues in the horse can stem from multiple causes. One cause in mares is due to a disorder of sexual development (DSD) whereby the sex chromosome complement (genotype, or genetic code) is abnormal and does not agree with the external appearance of the horse (phenotype, or observable characteristics).

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Diagnostics for the Chronically Infertile Mare

The diagnosis and treatment of chronically infertile mares is a complex process. Practitioners should utilize the available diagnostics, including cultures and cytology, along with endoscopy, to root out the myriad causes of this problem and increase

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Mare Fertility Insurance

Each year horse breeders, regardless of the breed they nurture, make their biggest financial decisions when they decide on matings.

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