Botulism & Shaker Foal


Equine Internists Help Beau Beat Botulism

Beau’s bright, interested eyes and shiny coat do not give any indication that he was at death’s door just a few months ago. On June 1, the chocolate-colored Rocky Mountain Horse gelding was a guest for the American College of Veterinary Internal

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Vets Watch for Hurricane-Related Illnesses

With water pooling in places that it normally doesn’t and sharp debris all around, horse owners can’t help but wonder if conditions left by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita will cause an increase in the reports of illnesses such as tetanus,

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Botulism (Book Excerpt)

Botulism is the most potent biologic toxin known, and horses are highly sensitive to its presence and effects.

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Botulism in Horses: An Update

Beware of Botulism!

Botulism is not seen frequently in horses, but some areas are more prone to this deadly disease than others.

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Lives In The Balance–Botulism

Botulism, an often-deadly disease in foals, can be prevented easily and inexpensively with proper management. Botulism is a familiar term to most of us as a disease that humans get from eating improperly preserved food. In horses, botulism cause

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