Botulism & Shaker Foal


Horses and Infectious Disease

Learn about 20 important equine infectious diseases that could make your horse sick, how they are spread, and ways to prevent them in our easy-to-follow visual guide.

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botulism in horses

Infographic: Botulism

The toxins that cause this potentially fatal neurologic disease could be lurking in your horse’s environment or hay. Learn how to recognize and prevent botulism with this visual guide.

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Equine Botulism Reviewed

The most common way adult horses contract the disease is by eating feed, such as hay or grain, that contains animal remains.

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The Basics of Botulism in Horses

Dr. Amy Johnson answers questions about Botulism in horses, where it is prevalent, and the different ways that horses can contract this deadly disease.

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Botulism in Horses: An Update

Botulism and Horses

Our veterinary experts answer your questions about botulism in horses, which can be deadly in adult animals.

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