Treating Seasonal Headshaking with Eye Drops

Horses that shake their heads in an unexpected, intermittent, potentially violent, and apparently involuntary way are not only frustrating, but widely deemed unsafe for the rider or handler.

Horses suffering from seasonal headshaking can

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Whole Lotta Shakin Going On

Your horse is doing it again: Inexplicably tossing his head and sometimes charging off. Your trainer has tried everything–fly spray, changing tack, new bits, negative reinforcement–and while your horse goes through periods where he never flips

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Survey Attempts To Find Cause Of Headshaking

Researchers at De Montfort Universityâs (DMU) School of Agriculture in the United Kingdom are getting closer to putting a halt to headshaking, a problem that plagues some horses for an unknown reason while being ridden. The

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Trends Revealed in Headshaking

A recent study completed at the University of California, Davis, has given researchers more clues in understanding and alleviating headshaking in horses. The survey study suggested that headshakin

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Headshaking Problem

My horse is driving me crazy! Every time we go out to ride, he starts flipping his head. What is his problem?

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Any Headshaking Articles?

I own a 7-year-old appendix Quarter Horse that I have competed successfully on the Quarter Horse circuit at the national level. Early last fall, this horse began severely shaking or nodding his head at times (headshaking)…

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Headshaking in Horses

Your favorite horse is tacked up and ready for your daily ride. You mount up, and as soon as you begin warming up in your outdoor ring, he starts tossing his head and sneezing. The sneezing eventually stops, but every time you

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