Equine Vaccination Series


Vaccines for Horses: Defending Against Disease

The idea of a vaccine is to get the immune system to mount a response against a pathogenic invader while saving the horse from suffering disease symptoms that at best are uncomfortable and inconvenient, and at worst are fatal.

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Equine Encephalitis:The Ever-Present Threat

Before WNV reached North American shores, there were two other forms of viral encephalitis for horse owners to worry about. Eastern, Western and Venezuelan equine encephalitis are killers, but vaccination can help stave off these neurologic diseases.

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Influenza Vaccination

Equine influenza is a common respiratory infection. There are vaccinations against equine flu, but are all vaccines created equally? For the latest news from researchers on equine influenza, read on.

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Controlling Strangles in Horses

Strangles is a highly contagious disease that affects lymph nodes and potentially other organs in the horse. Researchers are working on effective vaccines, but management strategies are even more important in limiting its presence among horses.

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What’s New in Equine Vaccines

Equine vaccination is complicated, and many factors affecting immunity and vaccination provide possibilities for new technologies and ways to vaccinate horses. Tomorrow’s vaccine technology and delivery methods promise better immunity for horses.

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Vaccinations for Youngsters

Protecting tender immune systems against disease is the surest way to ensure the young horse doesn’t fall victim to either temporarily uncomfortable or life-ending infections.

Even though foals receive some immunity by drinking colostru

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Strategies to Enhance Vaccine Efficiency

When it comes to protection from infectious diseases, the best defense is a good offense. Not only is a strategic vaccination program important, but the housing and handling of horses on a farm can enhance vaccination efficacy. A successful

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