Barns and Sheds

Barn Fires: The Veterinarian's Role (AAEP 2012)

Barn Fire Prevention

No building is completely fireproof, but farm owners and managers can take certain steps to minimize the chances of a fire occurring.

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Barn Improvement

As our understanding of horse health and behavior has improved, barns have changed–a lot. No longer are they just places to house horses. Today’s owners now approach barns and other farm structures with horse/human health, environmental impact…

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Vetrolin Grooming Guide

The new Vetrolin Grooming Guide provides information on techniques for keeping horses clean and healthy. Topics discussed include proper bathing and tail cleaning, cleaning tough stains, managing unruly hair, and protecting the horse?s hair coat

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Using Soil-Cement on Horse and Livestock Farms

Most farmers can identify with myriad problems associated with mud forming around high-traffic areas, including areas around horse and cattle waterers, feed bunks, round bale feeders, walk paths, and gate entrances. Mud is usually a result of

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Good Barn Keeping

For those who keep horses it is always a struggle to keep up with regular maintenance and have enough time to enjoy the horses. Proper building maintenance at regular intervals can save money and it can leave you more time to spend with your horses.

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Good Barnkeeping

All horse owners wish they had more time with their horses. For those who keep horses at home it is always a struggle to keep up with regular farm and barn maintenance and have enough time left to enjoy the horses. Performing proper building

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The latest models of automated waterers and feeders can take some of the work out of horsekeeping, and automatic stall cleaners can even minimize your time wielding a pitchfork!

Finding it difficult to schedule enough

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Heavy Snow Causes Problems for Horse Owners

After experiencing her area’s worst snowstorm since 1968, Beth Sandland of Sandy, Ore., was unable to visit her boarded horses for three weeks.

However, other horse owners have had to deal with a more serious side effect of winter weather:

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42 Horses Die in Minnesota Barn Fire

Sunday morning, Scot Stelter received the call that horse owners dread: the barn where six of his Quarter Horses were temporarily housed, along with 36 others, was on fire. The horses were trapped inside and died.

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