Take a closer look at your barn and property and ensure it's safe for horses and handlers.

The care and keeping of your barn is important for the health and well-being of your horses and the humans that work with them. Barns are tough areas to keep in good order. They are moist environments that typically contain a good deal of dust. The combination makes for a tough cleaning job! Developing a regular cleaning schedule will help the dirt and disorder from getting out of control.

A couple of times per year, it is worthwhile to take a critical look at your facilities and equipment for safety issues that might be present. Especially when considering safety issues in your barn, a vet bill will most always exceed the investment in making aspects of your barn safer! Human safety is also a real concern. According to the National Safety Council, 30% of all farm injuries happen in buildings.


You know horses have a knack for getting themselves hurt. Many horses spend a good deal of time in their stalls, so that is an excellent place to begin your safety review.

Check the stall for any protrusions on which horses might catch themselves. Remove nails or hammer them in flat. Remove any wood pieces sticking out and sand the area to ensure the occupant won't get splinters or scrapes.

Take time to make sure all screws on stall doors are tight and the doors slide smoothly. Latches should be in good working order. A little oil can work wonders. Many manufacturers are constructing their stall doors using strong, metal mesh.

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