Messy Gelding vs. Tidy Gelding

Healthful Horse Barns

Consider these horse health- and safety-oriented design aspects when building or renovating your barn.

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Stressed in the Stall; pawing in stall

Stressed in the Stall

My horse recently started pacing and digging holes in his stall. What could be causing this behavior?

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Stall Floor Setups

Horse Stall Floor Setups

Learn how to choose, install, and maintain your stall or shed floors to maximize horse comfort and chore convenience in this free report.

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Horse with flared nostrils; equine asthma treatments

Owners Share Opinions on Equine Asthma Treatments, Management

Veterinarians often prescribe medications to control acute and chronic clinical signs of disease, along with recommending environmental changes to limit asthmatic horses’ exposure to inhaled allergens. What do owners think of these sometimes time-consuming and expensive suggestions?

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Farm & Barn: What's On Your Barn Wish List?

What’s on Your Horse Barn Wish List?

If economics were not a factor, what would you include in your dream horse barn? Here are some amenities owners have put on their barn wish lists, plus input from a horse owner with experience in both commercial and equine construction industries.

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horse aggressive in the stall

Why is My Horse Aggressive in the Stall?

A senior mare gets grumpy when other horses walk by her in the barn. Our equine behaviorist looks at possible reasons why and how her owner can fix her aggressive behavior.

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