moving stall mats

Installing Rubber Stall Mats

Initially rubber mats are a pricey investment, but they pay for themselves in stall cleaning convenience, reduced bedding costs, and comfort for your horse.

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Eliminating Ammonia

The products available to control ammonia buildup in barns boast a variety of forms and ingredients.

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Mature Hay Bedding has Potential for Tall Fescue Toxicity

With budgets tight, a number of horse farm managers have reduced costs by using a hay harvest of overmature grass pastures for bedding. On the surface it makes sense to bed stalls with this stemmy hay. But be cautious when using it for pregnant mares in their last trimesters.

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Use Caution When Bedding Horses on Fescue

Tight budgets have caused several Central Kentucky horse farm managers to reduce straw bedding costs by harvesting overmature grass pastures and using the resulting stemmy hay as bedding.

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Bedding Selection

What bedding material do you prefer —is there an alternative to straw or wood available in your area that’s cost-effective?

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Dusty Air and Respiratory Problems

In addition to the risks viruses and bacteria pose to the horse, environmental exposure to particulates dispersed from feed, bedding, footing materials, and other sources (such as diesel exhaust) all can lead to IAD. Even small increases in aerodynam

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Shortage of Wood Bedding Ongoing, Could Intensify

The housing market downturn is affecting more than just developers and realtors. Some horse owners have a new challenge in locating adequate, affordable bedding for their animals.

Jeannie Queen of Clear Vision Equine, based i

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Horse Sense Leads to New Recycling Initiative

Southeastern Michigan is the state’s most populous region–for humans and for horses. According to a recent survey, Oakland has more horses than any other county–it is home to 6,900 of the state?s 155,000 equines.

As more people and more

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Bedding Choices

Investigate which bedding choice is safe, healthful, and cost-effective for your operation. 

Stalls have traditionally been bedded with materials that provide cushion and

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