Biosecurity; horse farm biosecurity

Horse Farm Biosecurity

Infectious diseases such as influenza and equine herpesvirus can come home with you via exposed horses and on your tack, equipment, skin, and clothing. Here’s how to avoid these scenarios and keep your horses healthy.

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controlling ehv-1; Study: Not All Biosecurity Protocols Effective

Controlling EHV-1 Outbreaks: Best Practices

EHV-1 can spread between horses before they show any signs of infection, creating a potential perfect storm for a significant disease outbreak. An infectious disease expert shares steps you can take to stop disease spread.

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Tips for Handling an Equine Infectious GI Disease Outbreak

Strangles on the Farm: What Do You Do?

Strangles is highly contagious and can spread rapidly through horse populations and barns, so quick containment is essential. One veterinarian offers his tips on how to stop strangles from spreading.

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