Solitary Confinement

There are few things sadder than a horse not in contact with other horses. A herd animal by nature, the horse always feels safest and most content when in company of others of his kind; isolation doesn’t come naturally to him. But in certain

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Australia Lifts European Ban, Restricts Import

Biosecurity Australia announced yesterday (May 17) that the March 14 ban on horses from foot and mouth disease (FMD)-affected countries has been lifted. Strict quarantine and disinfection measures have been enacted to maintain Australia’s

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The New List of Precautionary Measures

The United States Department of Agriculture has responded to the foot and mouth disease threat by taking more precautionary measures in the importation of horses from foot and mouth disease-affected countries.

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Quarantine Facilities

Quarantine facilities…the mere name implies isolation and horses with infectious diseases for which there are no cures. In reality, quarantine facilities are the first line of defense to protect horses in the United States from such diseases.

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EIA Positives At 21 in Pennsylvania

According to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture (PDA), as of Nov. 2, a total of 21 equids have tested positive for equine infectious anemia (EIA) in Wayne County since Sept. 18. Eighteen of these have been destroyed;

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17 Pa. Horses Positive For EIA

Seventeen equines have tested positive for Equine Infectious Anemia in Wayne County since Sept. 18, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture (PDA). Fourteen of the equines have been destroyed, and the other three are quarantined.

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