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Slow Feeders

Boredom for horses can cause health issues such as weight gain, ulcers, stall vices, bickering or fighting between horses, and even colic. Find out how slow feeders can help.

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recycled hay feeder

Build a Low-Cost Hay Feeder

Tired of seeing your horse eating in mud? Or wasting hay that gets buried in filth? Here’s any easy, low-cost way to build a chore-efficient feeder.

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Good Barn Keeping

For those who keep horses it is always a struggle to keep up with regular maintenance and have enough time to enjoy the horses. Proper building maintenance at regular intervals can save money and it can leave you more time to spend with your horses.

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Breeding Equipment

Want your mare in Texas bred to a stallion in Germany? It?s easy with today’s equipment and technology.

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Barn Upkeep/Equipment

High-quality products and maintenance can save time, money and providing a safer environment for your horse.

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Its All A Matter of Perspective

The altimeter reading indicates we are miles above the Pacific Ocean. We just passed the International Date Line, heading toward Sydney, Australia. Exotic places like Pago Pago slip under our wings in the darkness while the moon plays peek-a-boo

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Heavy Metal: Farm Tractors

Keeping horses on your property? Then you don’t need me to tell you how much work there always is to do. In addition to all the actual horse care, there are endless weeds to whack, riding rings or tracks to be harrowed, bales of hay to be moved fro

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