Hoof Balance


Common Hoof Problems

Healthy hooves are paramount to a horse’s soundness. This fact sheet lists some common hoof problems, such as hoof abscesses, quarter cracks, bruises, navicular syndrome, underrun heels, and thrush, and how to identify, manage and prevent them.

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The Bare Foot

A horse’s genetics, trimming, and diet have a great impact on bare foot health.

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Equine Foot Lameness Discussed by AAEP Veterinarians

Foot lameness in horses was the topic of two separate Table Topics during the 2009 American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) Convention in Las Vegas, Nev., in early December. About 100 veterinarians attended each session.


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Tendon Angle and Navicular Lameness (AAEP 2008)

Why might one horse suffer from injury to the deep digital flexor tendon (DDFT) in the navicular area while another doesn’t? A recent study suggests that the angle of the DDFT as it passes over the navicular bone might have a lot to do with it.

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The Quest to Conquer Laminitis

“Owners and trainers worldwide have the feeling that every veterinarian and every farrier have years of experience and vast knowledge about laminitis and podiatry (foot care). Unfortunately, this is not the case,” said Ric Redden, DVM, founder of

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Researchers Explain Short Shoeing Intervals

Farriers and veterinarians have said for years that shoeing intervals should be at most six to eight weeks, but why? Researchers from the Equine Performance Laboratory at Utrecht University (Netherlands) say it’s because horses must compensate

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