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Sole Bruises

Horse Foot Bruises

The average horse is more likely to encounter a foot bruise than any other lameness. If you recognize the causes of foot bruises and understand their treatment and prevention, you can stave off discomfort in your horse and perhaps avoid an abscess.

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Common Hoof Problems

Healthy hooves are paramount to a horse’s soundness. This fact sheet lists some common hoof problems, such as hoof abscesses, quarter cracks, bruises, navicular syndrome, underrun heels, and thrush, and how to identify, manage and prevent them.

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Tending To A Tender Foot

Although the equine hoof is a marvel of resiliency, it’s not made of rubber, or titanium, or diamond. As a living structure, it has its vulnerabilities, and when faced with unusual stresses, it shows them. Stone bruises, those

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