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Kentucky Farm Managers Address MRLS

President Eric Hamelback gave a sense of urgency as he opened the most recent meeting of the Kentucky Thoroughbred Farm Managers’ Club, saying “we need to make plans for control now.” Hamelback was referring to Mare Reproductive Loss Syndrome, a

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Controlling Mosquitoes with Pheromones

A new product that can help control mosquito populations is currently under development. Materia, Inc., has developed a cost-effective synthesized version of the natural pheromone called Mosquito Oviposition Pheromone (MOP). MOP is naturally

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Safety Tips for Animal Owners During Mosquito Spraying

As more cases of West Nile virus (WNV)-associated illness have been diagnosed in people and horses, communities have taken steps to prevent spread of the virus. Mosquito control is the most effective means of preventing spread of WNV and many

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Poison Control: Spraying Pastures with Insecticides

No definite cause of mare reproductive loss syndrome (MRLS) has been identified, but a recent discovery that Eastern tent caterpillars (ETC) can cause early fetal losses (and likely contributed to MRLS) has scientists at the University of

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First Pour-On Fly Repellent

With external pests being a considerable problem this year, owners are looking for any means to prevent attacks by flies and other insects. Boehringer Ingelheim has introduced a pour-on insecticide available only through your veterinarian. Calle

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Pests: Insect and Otherwise

Summer also means insect season. And while in the past that might have been seen as an annoyance, today it can mean much more, and much worse. Today, it can mean life-threatening illness, and even death. Those insects can carry a growing host

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Fly Protection Uncovered

These days, we have quite an arsenal at our disposal to attack and repel flies. From electric bug zappers, to pheromone traps, to parasitic wasps that feed on fly pupae, we’ve explored all sorts of ways and means of getting rid of flying insects.

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Insects and Parasites: Fighting Fall Foes

However, some horse-troubling insects and parasites become more active during late summer and fall. Unchecked, they can be an annoyance, stress a horse’s energy reserves during the winter months, or cause illness or death. It is up to you to protect

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Early Mosquito Activity Reported in Maryland

Agriculture Officials Recommend Prompt Vaccination of Horses

Areas of Maryland from Baltimore to the lower Eastern Shore and Southern Maryland are experiencing an early outbreak of mosquitoes this year, prompting State officials to

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