Seasonal Care

Tips for Preparing Your Older Horse for Winter

With the cold weather almost upon us, we must take into account several important considerations for preparing and maintaining older horses throughout winter.

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horse getting bath

Hot Summer Days and Your Horse

Summer is a great time to get out and enjoy your horse, but the season also comes with management challenges. In this prerecorded Q&A, we’ll answer your hot weather health questions about riding, bathing, hydration, and transportation. You’ll also learn the signs of heat exhaustion and how to protect your horse.

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Sun Protection for Horses

A veterinarian offers tips on sun protection for horses with pink skin from sunburn and photosensitivity during the summer months.

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cooling your horse out on cold days

Cooling Your Horse Out on Cold Days

Helping your horse with his post-exercise cooling process can impact how well he recovers. But cold weather cooling requires also guarding against a chilled horse.

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