Winter Care


Study: Blanketed Horses Eat Less Hay

Researchers found blanketed horses during a Wisconsin winter ate 8% less free-choice hay than their unblanketed peers while maintaining similar body conditions.

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Cleaning Horse Blankets

How often do blankets need to be washed, and how do you clean them? Dr. Karen Waite responds.

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Horse in Blanket in Snowy Pasture

Winter Blanketing Advice

Does putting a blanket or sheet on in cold weather only flatten the hair and make your horse colder? Dr. Karen Waite offers her thoughts.

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Formidable Frostbite

Healthy horses handle frigid temperatures better than we do, but their extremities still are vulnerable to frostbite.

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Winter Horse Sports: Skijoring

Don’t get snowed in this winter—discover the thrilling sport of skijoring, which involves a horse and rider towing a skier at speeds reaching 35 miles an hour.

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