Winter Care

caring for old horses

Caring for Old Horses

With proper care, senior horses can prosper. Here are a few points to consider.

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will blanketing compromise my horse's coat

Will Blanketing Compromise My Horse’s Coat?

I was only planning on blanketing when the temperature drops under 20 degrees Fahrenheit and in extreme weather. Will this compromise my horse’s winter coat enough that I would need to blanket more?

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How to De-static Your Horse

Get tips on how to combat static electricity on your horse’s hair coat and how to avoid delivering that spooky shock to your horse.

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How to Fit a Horse Blanket

Karmen Mills, of Around the Bend Farm in Newcastle, California, shares tips for checking the fit on your horse’s blanket.

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How to Blanket Your Horse

Karmen Mills of Around the Bend farm in Newcastle, Calif., discusses situations in which horses should be blanketed and how to safely put the blanket on and take it off.

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