Gait Patterns

Girl riding bay horse

What Does a Lame Horse Feel Like?

Do you suspect your horse is lame? Here we’ll show you how to fine-tune your riding senses to recognize lameness when you’re on your horse.

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paso fino

Defining Colombian Paso Fino Gaits

Colombian Paso Finos have a unique gait most other Paso Finos don’t: the trocha. And recent study results suggest that gait isn’t genetically similar to lateral gaits in other ambling breeds like Icelandics, Tennessee Walking Horses, and pacers.

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the science behind posting

The Science Behind Posting: It’s All About Balance

Rising on the “correct” diagonal on a circle or curve helps counterbalance the horse’s movement asymmetry created by the curve itself. And if the horse is lame, the wrong diagonal could enhance that lameness and the right diagonal could mask it.

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