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Trail Riding Safety for Hunting Season

While the fall weather is cooler and often more pleasant for riding, if you live near or trail ride in rural areas it is extremely important that you are aware of hunting season safety points.

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Conditioning the Trail Horse (Book Excerpt)

Most people wouldn’t think of getting up from a desk job and heading off into the mountains or hill country for long hikes without first getting into condition. The same should be true for your horse.

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Book Excerpt: Oxygen Supply

Many people worry that horses coming from near sea level will have trouble acclimating to the mountain altitudes. If they are physically fit, horses have an easier time adjusting than humans, and it’s all due to physiology.

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Temperament and Being Alert (Book Excerpt)

Look for a horse that’s alert to its surroundings and pays special attention to unusual objects. This is where the subtlety comes in. You want the horse to be observant, but you don’t want it to become agitated and frightened when it sees something.

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The Preparation Checklist for Pack Trips

Once you have your destination in mind and have set about procuring all the necessary information, think about your equipment, such as packsaddles, tents, sleeping bags, cooking and eating utensils, and, it seems, a million other things.

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