Last week, we asked our readers if they had made any horse-related New Year’s resolutions for 2014. More than 200 readers responded, and we’ve tallied the results!

Of the 264 voters, 194 (73%) responded yes, they made a horse-related New Year’s resolution, while the remaining 70 voters (27%) did not.

Additionally, more than 120 readers shared their horsey resolutions.

Poll Results

Many readers said their resolution was to spend more time in the saddle:

  • "Ride more!"
  • "Keep riding to keep him going."
  • "I plan to spend as much time as posssible with my horse! He is 24 so I want every miute to count."
  • "Ride trails all over the world…."
  • "Riding more…both of us could stand to loose some weight."
  • "Ride more! And pursue my dream to ride a reiner."
  • "Ride constantly!"
  • "Do more riding."
  • "To ride every day the weather permits."
  • "To ride more then I did in 2013"
  • "Ride my burro Missy more. She loves it and the excersise does wonders for her weight issues."
  • "I resolve to spend more time riding at home."
  • "As I get older I face this coming year determined to get LOTS more riding in on my young mare!"
  • "I pl