’s Facebook fans have selected Sarah Borns’ photo of “Haley” and “Bullwinkle” as the winner of our 2017 Don’t Spook! contest.

We asked readers to submit photos of things (or lack of things) their horses often spook at.’s Facebook fans voted for their favorites.

In her entry, Borns said: 

“We were in Monroe, North Carolina, cross-country schooling. This was about halfway through our school. The horses had both been very well-behaved and we cannot for the life of us figure out what spooked them! We were just going to calmly walk through the water before trotting through and doing some fences at the complex. Maybe they saw their own reflection in the water? No idea!”

Borns will receive a prize pack from Zylkene Equine valued at more than $100 for her winning entry.

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