10 Fever-Related Resources on TheHorse.com

We’ve dug through our archives to find our best resources to help owners understand and address fever in their horses. Sponsored by Zimeta.
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10 Fever-Related Resources on TheHorse.com
Depression is a common clinical sign of fever in horses.| iStock.com

A fever can be the first sign something’s wrong with your horse’s health. An increase from the normal body temperature range of 99-101.5 degrees Fahrenheit can mean his immune system is fighting off an infectious microbe or can indicate impending colic. To help owners understand the causes of fevers in horses and learn about the tools veterinarians have to manage them, we’ve dug through our archives to find our top content on the topic.

ARTICLE: My Horse Has a Fever: Now What? Learn to recognize the signs of various temperature-raising conditions in horses. READ MORE

SPONSORED ARTICLE: Controlling Fever in Horses Learn about the causes of fever in horses and the tools veterinarians have to control them. READ MORE

VIDEO: How to Take Your Horse’s Temperature Tom Cassleberry, DVM, of Fairfield, California, shows you how to take your horse’s temperature. WATCH NOW

WEBCAST: What To Do When Your Horse Has a Fever During this presentation and Q&A, you’ll discover the causes of fever in horses, how veterinarians treat them, and when a fever is an emergency. WATCH NOW

ARTICLE: Veterinarians Now Have a Drug to Reduce Fever in Horses The FDA recently approved dipyrone to address fever in horses with respiratory infections. READ MORE

ARTICLE: Potomac Horse Fever: A Happy Outcome A veterinarian walks us through diagnosing and treating this infectious disease. READ NOW

ARTICLE: Horses With Fever But No Cough, Nasal Discharge: Consider Tick-Borne Disease When a horse spikes a fever without the nasal discharge and other respiratory signs you’d expect to see with an infectious disease, the potential causes could be vast. In some parts of the country, a tick-borne disease could be a culprit. READ NOW

ARTICLE: Track Your Horse’s Temperature Using an Embedded Thermometer French researchers tested a quicker, easier, and potentially more accurate method of monitoring horses’ temperatures. READ NOW

ARTICLE: The 411 on Equine Shipping Fever Find out how your veterinarian might diagnose and treat this pulmonary disorder, and how you can prevent it. READ NOW

SPECIAL FEATURE: Practical Biosecurity Tips to Protect Your Horse Use these disease prevention strategies on the farm, at the horse show, and in the breeding shed. VIEW NOW


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Michelle Anderson is the former digital managing editor at The Horse. A lifelong horse owner, Anderson competes in dressage and enjoys trail riding. She’s a Washington State University graduate and holds a bachelor’s degree in communications with a minor in business administration and extensive coursework in animal sciences. She has worked in equine publishing since 1998. She currently lives with her husband on a small horse property in Central Oregon.

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