The American Horse Council (AHC) Foundation has announced that it will extend the deadline to take the survey to update the National Economic Impact Study to Sept. 4.

“We decided to extend the deadline due to a last-minute surge in responses, combined with the ‘back to school’ audience to ensure everyone was really given an opportunity to complete the survey,” said AHC President Julie Broadway. “We continue to encourage people to share the survey link on available platforms such as email, social media, blogs, websites, etc. We want as many people as possible to complete the survey.”

The survey is available at

This study is designed to document the economic effects of racing, showing, recreation, rodeo, and other segments of the horse industry on the state and national economy. It provides invaluable data on the number of horses, jobs, and related industries that are impacted by horse ownership. The economic data that we collect from this study will help the AHC chart a course for the future, the agency said, and give the general public and members of Congress the most accurate portrait of the diverse equine industry’s economic impact.

All data is completely confidential and will not be shared. The AHC encourages survey respondents to share as much economic data as they can in order to ensure the most accurate economic impact portrait of the diverse equine industry. The AHC encourages respondents to provide information on your horse-related expenses since they will form the primary basis of the economic impact.

Individuals with questions should contact the AHC at