Recipients of the 2014 and 2015 Thoroughbred Charities of America Industry Service Awards are joining forces to facilitate the sale of more Thoroughbred racehorses to buyers in the equestrian market.

Communication Alliance to Network Thoroughbred Ex-Racehorses (CANTER) is a nonprofit organization that works through thirteen affiliates at 27 racetracks connecting racehorse owners with potential buyers via an online marketplace that features horses retiring from racing. The Retired Racehorse Project (RRP) works to increase demand for the horses through educational programs and marketing while serving the farms and organizations in the private and nonprofit sectors that offer training for second careers.

“Helping to grow CANTER is as important as anything that RRP can do to facilitate the placement of Thoroughbreds,” said RRP President Steuart Pittman. “CANTER’s model is unlimited in its capacity to serve horses, is very cost-effective, and rewards racing owners financially for producing sound, well-started riding horses.”

Nancy Koch, CANTER USA executive director, added, “As an all-volunteer organization, CANTER welcomes assistance with marketing and promotion of these great equine athletes. We love what RRP does to educate and inspire horse people to consider off-track Thoroughbreds, and are thrilled to be integrating our work with theirs.”

In the first year of collaboration, CANTER and RRP hope to accomplish the following:

  • The RRP’s online horse listings will include prominent links to the listings of all CANTER affiliates.
  • CANTER’s websites will include promi