Several horses are receiving rehabilitative care from the Houston, Texas, Humane Society after being removed from properties in that city’s Acres Homes neighborhood.

Humane society spokeswoman Monica Schmidt said three horses were found dead on properties in Acres Homes on Jan. 9. Necropsies on two of those horses indicated the animals died of malnutrition, Schmidt said.

Another horse named Monty was found collapsed in the roadway, she said.

“The Houston police captain was driving by and saw Monty collapse in the median strip,” Schmidt said. “He was 250 pounds underweight and could barely see and someone decided to ride him.”

Monty was later euthanized due to his condition, Schmidt said.

The same day, an 8-month-old filly and a 5-year-old mare were found and removed from properties it the same neighborhood, she said.

“Those horses seem to be doing well,” Schmidt said.

On Jan. 15 another allegedly neglected horse was removed from the neighborhood, she said. “In all we’re dealing with a total of eight horses from four different locations."

Schmidt said all the removed horses had lice, were in need of basic care, and were allegedly malnourished.

“People have told us that they would go to the day-old bread store and feed that to the horses, and that the horses were fed potatoes,” Schmidt said. “Horses can’t survive that way.”

No charges have been filed connection with the horses, Schmidt said. The cases remain pending.