Two champion horses’ registrations have been revoked by the Arabian Horse Association (AHA) on grounds that the animals did not have the parentage necessary to meet the organization’s registration guidelines.

A written statement from the AHA indicates that "Johnny Nitro" and "Quintessaa" were registered with the organization in 2009 as half-Arabians; under AHA rules, a horse must have one Arabian parent in order to qualify for half-Arabian registry status. Both horses later won national championship and reserve titles as half-Arabian cutting horses, the statement said.

A separate statement indicates that, when initially registered, the horses belonged to Susan and Terry Hatfield; the animals were later sold to Steve Groves and, under his ownership, participated in shows and earned subsequent titles, the statement said.

Subsequently, the AHA launched an investigation into the horses’ registration and Terry and Susan Hatfield were found guilty of violating AHA rule Chapter 10, Section 102, the statement said.

The statement said the registration commission heard the case in November 2014 and “permanently suspended all the Hatfields’ registration privileges.” The commission also ordered that the parentage of horses owned by the Hatfields at the time of the finding and any horse been registered by the couple be verified, the statement said.

As a result of the verdict, the AHA Registration Commission stripped titles horses earned while shown by the Hatfields, the statement said.

In a Jan. 12 written statement, the AHA announced that Johnny Nitro’s and Quintessaa’