The Grayson-Jockey Club Research Foundation (GJCRF) announced Feb. 10 that it has reached the target prompted by racehorse owner Starlight Stable’s challenge to raise $75,000 for laminitis research.

Starlight issued the challenge last year in memory of Intense Holiday, who ran 12th in the 2014 Kentucky Derby and was euthanized the following month after developing laminitis in both forelimbs. The laminitis set in following surgery at the Hogan Equine Veterinary Clinic in New Jersey to repair a condylar fracture sustained when he was working toward a possible start in the Belmont Stakes.

"Following one of the most frustrating scenarios associated with laminitis, expert veterinary care was able to deal with Intense Holiday’s injury, but the added pressure on the opposing limb brought on laminitis and the horse could not be saved," GJCRF said in a release.

Starlight pledged to donate $75,000 to GJCRF if it could match that amount in other contributions dedicated to the challenge and for laminitis research. Starlight founder Jack Wolf noted the effort was not only in honor of Intense Holiday, but also other recent victims of laminitis, including Breeders Cup champion St Nicholas Abbey.

"I was pleased to be informed that Grayson had succeeded in soliciting more than $75,000 to match our challenge," Wolf said in