Treating Tendon and Ligament Injuries in Horses

Tendon and ligament injuries are leading causes of poor performance in horses. Learn about different conventional and therapeutic treatment modalities in this visual guide. Sponsored by Astaria Global.

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Injuries to the tendons and ligaments in horses' legs are leading causes of poor performance. The repair process can take months, and these soft tissues are often at risk of re-injury. If your veterinarian diagnoses a tendon or ligament injury in your horse, he or she might recommend a specific treatment protocol using conventional as well as other treatment modalities, depending on the severity of the injury. Let's review some of those therapies.
Common areas of injury. Injuries to these soft tissue structures can range from mild sprains to complete ruptures.
Conventional Treatement options for tendon & ligament injuries
Advanced Therapies. Therapeutic modalities that can enhance soft tissue injury repair and remodeling when used in conjuction with conventional treatements include biologic therapies, laser treatments, shock wave therapy, low-frequency therapeutic ultrasound, and electrical stimulation.
Timeline to soundness: ~6-12 months to get horses back in full work using traditional therapies, depending on injury severity.


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