The Indiana Horse Racing Commission has suspended Standardbred trainer Bradley Moffitt for 10 years following a positive drug test for darbepoetin alfa (DPO).

An Association of Racing Commissioners International Class 1 drug, DPO is considered a performance enhancer when administered to race horses. This positive marks the first time a synthetic blood doping agent has been found in Indiana.

The penalty is the result of a settlement agreement between Moffitt and commission staff, which was unanimously approved by the Indiana Horse Racing Commission at its July 15 public meeting in Indianapolis.

“I believe the 10 year suspension to be an effective deterrent,” said Joe Gorajec, executive director. “Hopefully, this will cause horsemen to think twice before racing a blood-doped horse at an Indiana track.”

The race resulting in the positive occurred on May 31, 2014, at Hoosier Park, in Anderson. The suspension runs from March 18, 2015, to March 18, 2025.