Purina Animal Nutrition Introduces Revolutionary Live and Active Probiotic supplement, Microbiome Testing Kit

Two innovations a decade in the making mark launch of new Purina® Microbiome Quotient™ platform.
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Courtesy Purina Animal Nutrition

Purina Animal Nutrition has launched Purina® Systemiq™ Probiotic Supplement, a live and active probiotic to support gut health in horses, and the Purina® MQ™ Equine Microbiome Testing Kit, a simple way for horse owners to get personalized nutrition recommendations to support and optimize their horse’s microbiome. Both innovations are part of the new Purina® Microbiome Quotient™ (MQ™) Platform, which is designed for horse owners seeking research-backed insights and solutions to proactively optimize their horse’s gut health.

The microbiome, which is home to millions of microorganisms that work together to help fuel a horse’s critical functions, is crucial to a horse’s gut health. Nearly every aspect of a horse’s health and well-being, from digestion to immune function and even performance, can be traced back to its microbiome.

Innovations a Decade in the Making 

Systemiq™ Probiotic Supplement is specifically formulated to remain live and active through the pelleting process and all the way to a horse’s hindgut where it is needed most, making this a key differentiator in supporting recovery after exercise and occasional gastrointestinal stress. Research shows its patented probiotic technology supports optimal digestive and immune function in horses, when fed daily. 

Horse owners previously had to make informed guesses when assessing their horse’s gut health. Now, with the MQ™ Equine Microbiome Testing Kit, they can take a simple swab from their horse and fill out a health history questionnaire, and Purina’s team of equine PhD nutritionists will use next-generation sequencing and analysis to provide results and nutrition recommendations via an online portal. 

“With the launch of the MQ™ Platform, which includes our MQ™ Equine Microbiome Testing Kit and Systemiq™ Probiotic Supplement, we’re helping empower horse owners to make health decisions tailored to their horse’s individual needs,” said Kiley Heckman, innovation marketing manager, Purina Animal Nutrition. “This innovation in equine microbiome science is changing the way we think about the connection between equine nutrition, health, and performance.”

Doug Payne, Purina® Ambassador and member of the U.S. Eventing Team, was given an advance opportunity to test his horse, Quantum Leap, using the MQ™ Equine Microbiome Testing Kit. 

“With the microbiome playing such a critical role in a horse’s performance, it’s great to have the ability to look a lot further in-depth,” Payne said. “The amount of detail that is provided in the report is pretty incredible.”

Payne also began feeding Systemiq™ Probiotic Supplement to Quantum Leap, a step he sees as part of a broader responsibility to give horses the best care possible.

“Whether it’s a five-star event horse or a backyard pet, I think it’s our obligation as horse owners to help them feel their best,” Payne said. “Regardless of what their job is, their lives can be pretty stressful. Especially for horses that are on the road a lot, I think Systemiq™ Probiotic Supplement will offer a pretty big advantage to help them better adapt to their environment.”

Unlocking the Mystery of the Microbiome 

The Purina® MQ™ Platform is the result of a decade of research from Purina, which involved building an incredibly robust equine microbiome database containing thousands of microbiome samples from horses in all 50 U.S. states. This database gave Purina researchers the keys needed to unlock the mystery of the equine microbiome. 

“Through the samples we’ve had the privilege of analyzing, we’ve learned what constitutes a healthy balance in a horse’s microbiome—something that had previously been a mystery. As a result, we’re able to develop revolutionary new ways to support every horse’s unique microbiome, whether they’re out at pasture, on the road competing, at home recovering or whatever else their life and job requires,” said Robert Jacobs, PhD, equine innovation manager, Purina Animal Nutrition. 

“We’ve also learned that every aspect of horse health and physiology is related to the microbiome,” Jacobs added. “Supporting an optimized, balanced microbiome can help to promote things like exercise recovery, and a more appropriate response to inflammation and gastrointestinal disturbances.”  

To learn more about the Purina® MQ™ Platform, purchase the Systemiq™ Probiotic Supplement, or purchase the MQ™ Equine Microbiome Testing Kit, visit mq.purinamills.com.


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