Bimeda® US Launches Bimasone™ (flumethasone)

The company has released the only FDA-approved generic bioequivalent for the corticosteroid flumethasone.
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Bimeda Inc. has recently launched Bimasone, the first generic flumethasone for certain diseases that cause inflammation in horses, dogs, and cats, including rheumatic, allergic, dermatologic, and other diseases known to be responsive to anti-inflammatory corticoids. This FDA-approved corticosteroid contains flumethasone, the same active ingredient in the same concentration and dosage form as the brand name drug product Flucort (flumethasone) by Zoetis, which has been approved for use in horses, dogs, and cats since 1965. It is the only commercially available flumethasone under ANADA # 200-612.

Bimasone has been approved for use in horses for musculoskeletal conditions due to inflammation such as bursitis, carpitis, osselets, and myositis. It can also be used when a horse is in an allergic state, such as hives, urticaria, and insect bites. It is also approved for canine and feline conditions.

“The greatest benefits of Bimasone for the horse are its potent anti-inflammatory properties and small dosage size, making it a great choice for horses suffering from hives or allergic reactions, such as insect bites,” said Dave Ellefson, DVM, senior director of technical services for Bimeda North America. “Flumethasone contains much greater anti-inflammatory activity than either dexamethasone or prednisone. Having a generic form of flumethasone available to veterinarians and horse owners provides them with an affordable, effective treatment for inflammatory and allergic conditions in horses under their care.”

Bimasone is supplied in a 0.5 mg/mL concentration in 100 mL multidose vials to be administered via injection. Bimasone is a prescription-only drug, so ask your veterinarian if it is right for your horse.

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